Re-defining transportation in your city 


 B-Line is a mobile app that allows users to reduce traffic congestion in their city by sharing how they commute  


B-Line passively collects transportation data provided by users' smartphones to inform politicians, policymakers, and city planners of where transportation infrastructure is needed. As a platform for evidence based decision-making, B-Line serves to replace inaccurate and expensive travel surveys by analyzing how people actually move within cities. As incentives-for-use, users receive personal updates on travel patterns, an internal fitness monitor, and carbon emissions calculator. 



Mobile Sensing

Our app can detect from temporal patterns, as well as location service data like cell tower triangulation, wifi, GPS and accelerometer within iOS and Android devices if users are walking, biking, driving, or using public transit. 

Sample Design

 As a turnkey solution for travel data collection, our app provides clients with respondents demographic and location data as well as customized survey design including sample definition, weighting, promotions, recruitment, app design, data processing, and insight generation. 

Data Management

Our simple and customizable Survey Management System (SMS) enables clients to analysis user activity in real time, while collecting highly accurate day-to-day travel information such as travel episode time, distance, and means of transportation. 

B-line demo day screen .png

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